Monday, 16 January 2012

So tell me

I think I might be a traitor to all apocalypse believers out there. And I blame Charlie.

Okay. That accent can not only cure cancer but also it just makes me want to fling all that negativity right out the window, [cue patriotic music] and believe.

But Reader, assuming that we have more time makes us settle back into old patterns of mediocrity. I know I have, witnessed through my ever increasing addiction to YouTube videos and How I Met Your Mother reruns. We aren't living, we are merely existing. 

Maybe the Mayans were onto something when they created that infamous calendar. Maybe they foresaw the state of the world's future, and realized that only a fake apocalypse scare would jolt us out of our stupor of inadequacy. 

Because if we knew we were going to die, we would want to live first.