Monday, 2 June 2014

Frank Navasky Appreciation Post

So I recently saw the movie You've Got Mail for the millionth time, one of my ultimate feel-good movies. And while every one in the audience is completely enraptured with Meg Ryan's playful charm and the radiant charisma of Tom Hanks, and their evident on-screen chemistry, I always end up drooling over that "nut from The Observer who's so in love with his typewriter".
"..the gentle soothing lullaby of a piece of machinery, so perfect.."
Yes, I am talking about the ruggedly handsome Frank Navasky, played by Greg Kinnear (who I might add seems to be getting more and more devastatingly bangable attractive with age.)

Frank Navasky is a columnist for the New York Observer, a supporting character who managed to steal every scene he was in, and my heart. He is a literary genius who spouts literal magic with his words, and he is highly opinionated when it comes to politics without seeming too condescending. And if all of this isn't attractive, I don't know what is. But what is even more attractive is the fact that he is, well, a dork. He has an extraordinary way with words but still bungles on national television. He is completely oblivious to women hitting on him. And who doesn't love how his face lights up when he hits a key on his Olympia Report deLuxe Electric, the newest edition to his typewriter collection.

Also, viewers don't give Frank enough credit for the fact that he takes the time to end his relationship with Kathleen like a gentleman: by sitting down, explaining what’s happened, listening to her side, and ending up being friends. Where can I find a Frank Navasky?

Frank Navasky: typewriter hoarder, writer extraordinaire, overall great guy
So, thank you(r), Frank Navasky, through your albeit supporting character, you've not only fostered in me a feeling of distrust in technology, but also raised my already high expectations in men.