Saturday, 9 August 2014

My Unparalleled Universe

Ever had one of those sudden mind blowing moments of realization? Epiphanies so deep and profound that if made known to mankind could perhaps be the solution to attaining world peace...

And then you step out of the shower and you're back to being the girl who knows way too many fun facts about the latest boyband and Tom Cruise.

New Invention Idea: Shower Epiphany Journal. (Overly enthusiatic voiceover) Introducing your very own personal water-resistant writing-material present in your very own bathroom that helps you jot down mindblowing ideas as they come to you. The Shower Epiphany Journal (tm). Tell your friends.

No, that wasn't my mind blowing moment of realization. I just had an epiphany, that made no sense at all and perhaps all the sense in the world at the same time. And no, it isn't the answer to world peace or preventing global warming. Perhaps, just a solution to a trivial handicap that has been plaguing me over the years. I still have the logistics to work out, but I am sure that what is broken can be mended. The first step is acceptance, right? All I can hope is that, like the end of the Harry Potter series, all will be well.