About Me

Are you aware that 3.6% of the people on the internet are pedophiles, 16.9% are foot fetishists, 28.4% are serial killers, and 50.1% are probably cats, right? 

That makes me the 1% that makes up false statistics. You see, there are clearly many well-intentioned lies I could tell you about me. I could be a serial foot fetishist cat killer for all you know. This is the internet after all, kids... 

The truth, however, is far less glamourous. 
I am just a bored twenty-something, who enjoys Netflix one month free-trials and making cringe-worthy puns (as eloquently displayed in my blog title). My name is Anna, a name that originates from a Hebrew variation of the word "graceful". And ironic as it is, I do not ooze grace: I skillfully trip over flat surfaces. 

This feels a lot like those awkward "introductions" thing at the beginning of a new class– you know, that dreaded moment when your new professor pulls the ultimate dick-move and says, "Let's go around and say your name, where you're from, and one fun-fact about yourself." I was always terrible at those. 

Because I'd like to think that people are a lot more than the random fun-fact they associate with themselves. People are like Rubik's cubes, with each turn you come closer to figuring them out or not at all. 

So really, this About Me section is just pointless, and I don't know why I'm still typing. 

Reader, you can gauge the person I am through the rants, feelings and opinions documented in this blog. 

See you at the salt mines.

All my love,