Friday, 30 December 2011

Hello 2012, Be Nice.

Its that time of the year again when everyone starts to ponder over the swift flight of time. BECAUSE OMG ANOTHER YEAR HAS GONE BY AAAHH! And here we go again, reminiscing over the past year whose fading memories won't last long. Wishing we could go go back to the way things were..

At the start of every year you begin setting goals, and making resolutions we both know will be forgotten in no time. 2011 came with a lot of great expectations of smiles and rainbows and butterflies.

The reality, however, was- well, real; with the bad days outnumbering the good days by a mile...

Did I change over the past year? I think so. Did I screw up? Hell yeah. But I'm still a teenager. I'm still learning.

2011 is just hours away from vanishing into fairy dust. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and wait for 2012 to do it's magic. No more exceedingly high expectations that compel my reality to be nothing but a let down. Especially since, I have reason to believe that life as we know it will come to a crashing halt on the 21st of December, 2012. And that unless you have your apocalypse gear ready or reserved your space in the arc, you will die. A dramatic and catastrophic death. With no happily ever after. Just like the movie.

I'm just a cynic, Reader; I see the glass as eternally half empty. So if I had to make a resolution for 2012, it would be to survive. Not just the apocalypse, but rather every curveball life throws me. I wish I could hire Gloria Gaynor to be my personal life coach.

Have a magical new year!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I waste so much time

This is my life.
I have four assignments due tomorrow. FOUR! How long have I had to work on it? Well, a couple of month. And tomorrow is exactly one hour, fifty-six minutes away. What can I say, this is the level of procrastination I have reached. To quote Percy Jackson, deadlines aren't real to me unless I'm staring one in the face.

Which is why now you can picture me feverishly keying words into the ol' google machine, as brilliant ideas fail to flow from my furious typing fingers. Wikipedia you're my only hope now. I'm still on my first assignment. Reader, I should blame you, writing this post is another result of procrastination, that I am desperately trying to avoid. exactly epitomizes my life. I want sleep. Nay, I NEED sleep. But, sleep is for the weak. I am not weak. I WILL get past all the hurdles and obstacles procrastination throws at me and I will complete my assignments. YES, ALL OF THEM!

Sigh, we shall see.


Monday, 7 November 2011

Blogger, I hardly know her

Dear Reader,

Let me begin by saying well done, you have successfully completed your mission of finding my first blog post. Quite an achievement, I say, given the size of the internet. Yes, it is official. I've finally given in to the world of blogging. I know I'm a little late to the party. But hey, I always was a late bloomer.

Or maybe I'm feeling a little inspired by the ol' writers of yore who took to recording their emotions using sticks in sand or quilling their thoughts on ye butterflies, huzzah on endless scrolls of parchment. Me? I'm gonna just let my fingers dance on these keys hoping to string together words that will adequately display my scattered thoughts, interrupted by random attempts at humour.

Speaking of humour, what happens to a frog's car when it breaks down.
It gets toad away.

(cue hysterical laughter)

Reader, I do hope you stick around. Because the one thing all the writers of yore had in common, they meant their writings to be shared.


And so a journey begins. Will you come with me?

dtba, A.