Sunday, 17 April 2016

Let's talk about art..

When we think of art, we typically think of oil canvas paintings hanging in a museum or unclad cherubs on the high ceiling of a cathedral. 

But, reader, art isn't confined only to such highbrow places. Because art is, in fact, everywhere.

Art has no boundaries, emerging in every shape and form, in every nook and corner of the world, just waiting to be interpreted. Our notion of art needs to be expanded, we need to be able to identify it in everyday places– in the way gravel is strewn over the sidewalk, in the methodical peeling of paint of an old worn out wooden chair, or in the purest form of joy expressed on a child's face.

Art can be found in the most ordinary places. What follows is a medley of what I would categorize as art– random photographs captured and chronicled in my phone gallery.

Bottom line, Reader, art can be found anywhere and everywhere, as long as we are willing to find it, and devour it in all of its glory.

Disclaimer: Sure what I call art, might not be "art" to you. And that's okay. Because that is where its beauty lies: appreciation of art is subjective. The world is our art museum, and we are just stroky-chinned critics in scarves.

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