Saturday, 10 March 2012

Raindrops and Roses

And Reader, lastly, here you go, a threequel. A list of my favourite things. Besides all the things Julie Andrews mentioned; here are a few additions.

1. Tea cups
Whether they have in tea in them or not, I can't explain it I just love looking at tea cups. Maybe this ridiculous fondness for tea cups has unexplored psychological bearings or maybe it just stems from being charmed by that singing chipped tea cup in Beauty and The Beast. All I know is they make me happy.

2. Train Journeys
Train journeys are peaceful and calming. I did have one bad experience in a train when I was six that should inhibit me from liking them as much, but I don't. Nothing beats watching the sun rise or set on the horizon through a train window. Or pretending you're in a melancholic scene in a bad Bollywood movie. 

3. Illustrations in Children's books
I think as a kid it was the illustrations in books that made me want to read them. Especially in those Enid Blyton books. Don't you wish sometimes that the Harry Potter books also had illustrations? No? Just me?

4. Rom-Coms 
I'm a sucker for Romantic Comedies. They are so predictable and mushy and gooey. But they know exactly how to please an audience.

5. Aeroplane trails in the sky.
They make me happy. 'Nuff said. And I plan to get proposed with an air plane trail in the sky saying "Will you marry me?". 

Hey, a girl can dream right? Right.


  1. I enjoyed reading the things you like, I may have to borrow this idea for a post of my own. Thanks for following.

    Your newest Follower/fan

  2. I like those things too, but I've never heard of a Rom-com. I also have my proposal planned out....sitting in a park at night, the stars glowing above us, he pulls out his guitar and sings "Write you a Song" by Plain White T's. if you haven't heard the song, you should; it's my favorite songs!

    By the way, thanks for joining my site & now I'll join yours!